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Mechanical Projects

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Free Mechanical Projects
Free Mechanical Mini Projects
Free Mechanical Final Year Projects

Mechanical Projects List

Two Axis Sliding Table
Single Axis Sliding Table
Sliding Table for Grinding Machine
Automatic Blanking Machine
Automatic PVC Pipe Cutting Machine
Automatic Injection Molding
Fabrication of Drilling M/C with Tapping Attachment
Fabrication of Wind Mill
Solar Water Heater
Fabricating of Micro Holes Driller
Pneumatic Door Opener
Pneumatic Hand Drilling
Chicken Skin Peeler
Fabrication of Automatic Cone Winding
Fabrication of Pulverize
Fabrication of Automatic Envelope Folding Machine
Automatic Hammer Striker
Fabrication of Coil Winding Machine
Sheet Metal Bend Removing Machine
Fabrication of Yarn Pigment Tester
Fabrication of Key Way Milling Machine
Fabrication of Tilt able Extension Ladder
Fabrication of Duplicate Key Making Machine
Automated Dimensioning Machine
Automatic Drilling Machine
Pneumatic Punching Machine
Automatic Coil Winding Machine
Gas Monitoring System
CNC Bar Feeding Machine
Fabrication of Spring Rolling Machine
Fabrication of Sheet Metal Cutting
Fabrication of Drilling M/C with Key Way Attachment
Indexing Table for Drilling Machine
Pneumatic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder
Design of Effluent Treatment Plant
Automatic filing system
Single Cylinder Double Acting Pump
Solar Based Oven
CNC Thermo Coal Cutting Machine
Paint Mixing Machine
Automatic Cone Releaser
Automatic Sealing Machine
Pneumatic Hand Grinder
Band Saw Cutting Machine
Manual Injection Molding
Fabrication of Drilling Machine with Variable Speed Drive In Level Method
Fabrication of Drilling Machine with Variable Speed Drive In Screw Method
Fabrication of Oven
Jigs And Fixtures
Fabrication of Hydraulic Press
Mini Milling Machine
Metal Detector
Fabrication of Semi-Automatic Ramming M/C
Design & Fabrication of Soft Start Couplings
Motorized Power Jack
Automatic Crane System
Auto Gearing System
Remote Material Handler
Hydraulic Noodles Machine
Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism
Hydraulic Scissor Jack
Hydraulic Screw Jack
Automated Material Transferring System
Conveyer For Industries
Automatic filling system
Automatic car shutter
Automatic steering controlled lead lamps
Remote controlled wheel chair
ABC controlling through switch
Slave robots
Artificial arm
Inspection system using PC
Machining status informer
Fabrication for Slotting Machine
Fabrication of Pipe Bending Machine
Gear Indicator for two Wheelers
Automatic Vice Control for Bar Feeding Machine
Automatic Quality Testing System
Automatic Poor Quality Rejecter
Bottle Vending Machine
Hydraulic Power Pack
Motorized Door Opener
Plant automation
Simultaneous operations through flow process
Operation method rewinding and analyzing
Process retrievals and its drilling operation
Automated lead screw jaws
Automatic bench marking system
Contact less automatic door opener
Operation identification system
Threading machine with Programmable Controller
Hydro Pneumatic Vice
Auto Braking System
Coin Vending Machine
Automated Threading Machine

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