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Proforma of application for Best Engineering College Award

Proforma for Best Engineering College Award
(To be filled in by the Principal / Director of the Engineering College)
Please provide supporting documents to authenticate your claim
1. Name and address of the Institute

2. Name of the Principal / Director Phone Nos.with STD Code Mobile

(O) _(R) Fax_ Email

3. Administrative
a. Principal / Director of the institute (Please Tick) (i) Regular (ii) Incharge
b. Autonomy of the Institute (Please Tick)
(i) Administrative (ii) Academic (iii) both (iv) No autonomy c. Total Grant received in the last three years
(i) Below 1 Crore (ii) 1 – 3 Crores (iii) Above 3 Crores
d. No. of new faculty and staff appointed in last two years (please specify) (i) Faculty (ii) Staff
(a). Disciplines /Departments in the institute
(i) 1 - 5 (ii) 6 – 8(iii) Above 8 (b). New courses added in last 3 years
(c) Nos. of students admitted in last 3 years against sanctioned intake of student
(d) Percentage of students passed with above 75 % in last 3 years
(e) Percentage of students failed in last 3 years. (f). Nos. of faculty with Ph.D & M.E Qualifications
(i) Below 25 % (ii) 25 - 50 % (iii) Above 50% (iv) Nil
(g) Nos. of Print and Non-print instructional materials (Books, Lab manuals, Educational video films, CAI packages) published by the institute / publisher (Attach the list)
(i) More than 10 (ii) Less than 10 (iii) Nil
(h) National & International Research Publication / Patent in last 3 years (Attach the list) (i) Research Projects in last 3 years

(i) Nos. below 10 lakhs (ii) Nos. below 30 lakhs but above 10 lakhs (iii) Nos. above 30 lakhs
(j) In which year revision of curriculum of each discipline took place ? Please specify. (i) < 3 years (ii) 3 – 6 years (iii) > 6 years.
(k) No. of industries / oganisations with whom your institute has established functional linkages
during past years. (Attach list)
(i) < 10 (ii) 10 - 20 (iii) 20.
5. Infrastructure
a. Nos. of Computers (P-IV & above only). Operational b. Internet band with
(a) 512 Kbps – 1 Mbps (b) 1 – 2 Mbps (c) Above 2 Mbps.
c. Percentage of equipments in working condition
(a) < 50 % (b) 50 – 75 % (c) > 75 %
d. Training and Placement Cell & Regular Officer
(a) Exist (b) Not exist (c) Cell exist with I/C Officer
e. Faculty strength in each discipline
(a) Less than 50 % of sanctioned (b) > 50 % < 75 % (c) Above 75 %
f. No. of Audio Visual aids / equipments available in your institute .in working condition
(a) < 5 (b) 5 - 10 (c) > 10
g. Percentage of faculty who make use of audio visual aids while teaching
(a) < 50 % (b) 50 – 75 % (c) > 75 %
6. Achievements
a) Nos. of faculty sponsored for faculty development programme in last 3 years. (a Below 50% of strength (b) 50 – 75 % (c) Above 75 %
At NITTTR Chandigarh At other organizations (specify)
Short term courses
/ workshops
Long term courses
(M.Tech./M.E / Ph.D)
Short term courses
/ workshops
Long term courses
(M.Tech./M.E / Ph.D)
b) Internal Revenue Generation (IRG) earned in last 3 years
(a) Below 10 lakhs (b) 10 – 30 lakhs (c) Above 30 lakhs

c) Students placement through campus in last 3 years
(a) < 20 % (b) 20 - 50 % (c) > 50 %
d. No. of companies visited your institute in last 3 years for campus placement (attach list with year)
(a) < 10 (b) 10 - 30 (c) > 30
e. Nos. of new books and journals added to Library in last three years f. Total volume and titles of books in Library
g. Nos. of national / international journals in library h. Is the Library e-Library (Computerized)
(a) Yes (b) No
i. No. of books issued during last 3 years
j. No. of awards to faculty / staff / students from other agencies (attach last 3 years)
k. No. of faculty and staff completed M.E/M.Tech/Ph.D in last 3 years
l. No. of Seminars / Conferences / Social Events conducted in last 3 years
m. No. of outside experts delivered talk to students and faculty in last 3 years.
n. Distinctions earned and award / trophies won by the institute in curricular and co- curricular activities in the last 3 years (attach list)
o. Whether your institute has acquired quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 ?
(a) Yes (b) No
p. Indicate whether the programmes of your institute are NBA Accredited ?
7. Self Evaluation
a. Feedback from students collected (attach a copy of feedback proforma)
(a) Yes (b) No
If yes, indicate the frequency of students feedback and how the feedback is used to improve the teaching-learning process?
b. Remedial classed to weak students conducted
(a) Yes (b) No
c. Syllabus coverage
(a) upto 75% (b) 75 - 90 % (c) Above 90%
d. Handouts given to students in Laboratory practices

(a) Yes (b) No
e. Laboratory note books and assignments are checked and return
(a) < 5 days (b) 3 - 5 days (c) > 5 days
f. Professional body chapter like ISTE, IETE, IE, IEEE etc.
(a) Exist (b) Not exist
g. Nos. of faculty members sent for attending Seminar & Conferences in last three years. h. Initiatives for faculty for best teaching or best results on the subject.
(a) Exists (b) Not exists
i. Whether your institute is covered under TEQIP-II project
(a) Yes (b) No

Principal’s / Director’s Column
The five most important points for which you claim the best Engineering College award
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)
The five weakest points which need immediate action to improve your institute
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)
Signature of Principal / Driector with Official Seal
Forwarded and recommended with comments. (Please give your comments).

                                                                                                         Signature with Seal of
                                                                                         (Board of Governor / Affiliating University)

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