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Basics of Core Java

Basics of Core Java

Introduction to Java & OOP’s concepts and their implementation in java

Java is an object oriented, internet programming language.
Its main features are:-
Ø  Platform Independence.
Ø  Security.

It is a programming model that simplifies software development and maintenance by providing certain rules which are followed by the designer at the time of designing the software and by the developers at the time of developing and maintaining the software.
The major advantage of this model is that we have habituated this model in our day to day life.

Basic concepts of OOP’s
                           i.          Object
                         ii.          Classification
                        iii.          Generalization & Inheritance
                        iv.          Polymorphism
                          v.          Data Encapsulation

An object is a discrete (distinct/unique/different) entity that has well-defined attributes and behavior. It can be a physical thing as well as an abstract concept.

Objects with common attributes, common behavior and having common relationship with other objects are grouped into logical units called classes. This process is called classification.
Classes are used to manage objects.

Generalization & Inheritance
Through generalization we pick up common attributes and behavior of class. In this way we manage the class by using it.
Generalization is the process of abstraction. Generalization is implemented with the help of inheritance

It is a natural phenomenon which states that in real life one thing can exists in different forms. E.g. - Water can be in three forms.

Data Encapsulation (To protect something)

It is a process by which we can encapsulate the data and this way we are protecting the data.

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