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Make a wall avoiding Robot

Objective: To create from scratch a working robot that is able to avoid walls and obstacles.

Ever wanted to make a robot that could actually do something, but never had the time or knowledge to do it? Fear no more, this instructable is just for you! I will show you step by step how to make all the necessary parts, and programs to get your very own robot up and running. I was first inspired to build a robot when I was ten, and saw Lost in Space, with that famous B-9 robot, I wanted one! Well six years later I finally built a working robot.

Finished views.JPG

iso color.jpg


Arduino USB board
LV-EZ1 Ultrasonic Rangefinder
2X 54:1 16mm Spur Gearmotor, FF-050
2XPack of 4 Energizer NiMH AA Batteries
9Volt Energizer NiMH Battery
2X3mm Aluminum Bearing Block
2X 3xAA battery holder (DigiKey part # SBH-331AS-ND
2.1 x 5.5 x 9mm Right angle DC Power Plug
2X Noise Suppression Capacitors
L298 double full H-Bridge - FREE SAMPLE!
12"X12" sheet of 1/4" Lexan polycarbonate
3X Aluminum 1" 8-32 standoffs
BOX of 100 4-40 X 3/8 BUTTON CAP SCREWS
Neoprene Foam Tire - 3"D x 0.75"W (pair)
Mounting Hub - 3mm (pair)- $8.00
9Volt battery clip (DigiKey part
Break Away Headers
2 red 2 green and 1 yellow 3mm LED
4X 1N5818 SCHOTTKY Diode (DigiKey part
2X 47k and 2X 2.2k and 1X 10k resistirs P10KBACT-ND) 

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