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Solar Cockroach Virbobot

The 1.5V solar cells and little nokia vibrating motors can no longer be found online.  I've written a new guide using new parts.

I had a blast making bristlebots with my 4th grade science club a few weeks ago, so I started thinking up new ways to make simple vibrobots to give away as gifts.

I came up with this very simple Cockroach Virbobot


you need
Soldering Iron + solder
Hot glue gun
(A helping hand is nice as well)
Wire cutters or strong scissors

1.5V solar panel 

Small DC Vibrating Motor (AKA Pager motor)
Two paper clips
Scrap wire (I used the ends from a couple of resistors i had cut down.  They can be anything.)

Super Cute Option: Googley eyes

I bought a pack of 10 solar panels off .  Great for a lot of projects.

I bought my motors from the online store Electric Goldmine  each.  I like the ones they have because they trigger at only 0.5V, whereas most trigger at around 1.5V.  The lower trigger voltage you can get the better because it means that your roach will work under less sunlight.  If you do buy from them be SURE to get the motors with the blue casing, not the silver.  Silver ones suck for a variety of reason

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