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GBTU / MTU Syllabus of SPACE SCIENCES [Effective from the session : 2012-13]


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1. Introduction:
Introduction to space science and applications, historical development

2. Solar System:
Nebular theory of formation of our Solar System.
Solar wind and nuclear reaction as the source of energy.
Sun and Planets:
Brief description about shape size, period of rotation about axis and
period of revolution, distance of planets from sun, Bode’s law, Kepler’s Laws of
planetary motion, Newton’s deductions from Kepler’s Laws, Newton’s Law of
gravitation, correction of Kepler’s third law, determination of mass of earth,
determination of mass of planets with respect to earth.
Brief description of Asteroids, Satellites and Comets.

3. Stars:
Stellar spectra and structure, stellar evolution, nucleo-synthesis and formation of
Classification of stars:
Harvard classification system, Hertzsprung-Russel diagram,
Luminosity of star, variable stars; composite stars (white dwarfs, Neutron stars, black
hole, star clusters, supernova and binary stars); Chandrasekhar limit.

4. Galaxies:
Galaxies and their evolution and origin, active galaxies and quasars.

5. Creation of Universe:
Early history of the universe, Big-Bang and Hubble expansion model of the universe,
cosmic microwave background radiation, dark matter and dark energy.

Text Books / Reference Books:
1. K. S. Krishnaswami, “Astrophysics: A modern Perspective” New Age International.
2. K. S. Krishnaswami, “Understanding cosmic Panorama” New Age International.

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